Powder Coating Compact: One year later

NEUMAN & ESSER organized the first event which exclusively thematized its application back in September 2018. The event with the title “Powder Coating Compact” offered the more than 200 visitors the latest information on the subject of powder coating. Simultaneously, the day was used to implement the rebranding of NEUMAN & ESSER Mahl- und Sichtsysteme as NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology (NEAPT). The NEUMAN & ESSER Managing Partners Stefanie and Alexander Peters and NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology Managing Director Manfred Salgert addressed the guests from the stage area addressing the name change. “Our range of services has almost doubled during the past two years and our references extend to New Zealand, thus justifying this step. Nonetheless, we are always aware of our powder coating roots, which is also why ‘Powder Coating Compact’ was a matter of the heart for us”, as Manfred Salgert said.

Now it’s time for a retrospective view of the successful event. The stage program alone within the scope of “Powder Coating Compact” showed the importance of the event. Product innovations, such as NEAddiX or easy-to-clean mill equipment, were presented by NEAPT employees and some of their customers. These and further new product developments from NEAPT clearly meet the industry’s needs, enabling NEAPT to exhibit a large number of references within the market. “Every visitor here literally feels NEUMAN & ESSER’s unwavering innovative strength. Unbelievable how many product innovations the company has created within a short period”, as Leo D’Anna, IGP Pulvertechnik AG Manager, already expressed his admiration one year ago. Representatives from renowned companies such as KABE Farben and Jotun have been attracted as guest speakers, that also demonstrates the evidence of NEAPT’s reputation within the powder coating market. The digitalization of the powder coating industry denotes a challenge which NEAPT faces together with NEA X. This collaboration with the success story XPLORE, which has achieved market maturity since the event, bore fruit fast, as Dr. Patrick Beaujean, NEA X Managing Director explained. He based his presentation on data from Rembrandtin and IGP. 

In addition to the presentations, it was furthermore the exhibition in the newly opened section of the machine hall, which provided the visitors with an impression of NEAPT’s significance for the powder coating industry. A total of 13 external exhibitors introduced their products at the in-house exhibition within the scope of the event. These included our cooperation partners Niverplast and GKM, with whom NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology collaborates closely. The automated filling station from Niverplast, commonly developed by NEA and the Dutch company, created special interest. Prior to this, the exhibition was opened by the manned, 2.30m tall robot NOX who guided the group of visitors through the exhibition with the “Who’s who” of European quality suppliers.    

The in-house exhibition within the scope of “Powder Coating Compact” can also be seen as the founding moment of the Powder Coating Community, which committed itself during the course of the event to providing each member with an XPLORE-Box, equipped with their own company’s logo. The contacts were further strengthened within accordingly seasonal festive October ambience at the get-together. The Community was again publicly present during the European Coating Show (ECS) 2019 where it demonstrated its coherence.

Christian Begass

Christian Begass

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