“Container mixer CM i4”: The new generation of container mixer from Mixaco

Over 45 years ago, the inventor of the container mixer, Mixaco Dr. Herfeld GmbH, laid the cornerstone for an innovative mixing concept. With innovation and ongoing development, especially in the field of container mixing technology, Mixaco has become the leading manufacturer of mixing technology for the plastics, powder coating, and chemical industries.

The CM i4 is the result of continuous development of MIXACO’s previous container mixer concept, with additional functions that build on its time-tested strengths. Its innovative design, with a flat mixing head, and its cutting-edge software help the CM i4 achieve excellent mixing quality and flexibility with very little cleaning effort required. It is the response to increased requirements from the market for simple, fast cleaning and short downtime periods.

Fast cleaning with no assembly required

The flat mixing head used in the CM i4 has tremendous benefits when it comes to cleaning. This is due not only to the lack of side walls on the mixing head and its flat, polished surfaces, but also to the combination of the mixing head and mixing tool.

With greater spacing from the floor of the mixing head and the mixing container, the mixing tool in the CM i4 does not need to be removed from the mixing head for cleaning. At the same time, material adhesion on the mixing head is minimized. This substantially reduces the cleaning effort required for recipe changes and improves machine availability many times over.

At the same time, the geometry of the polished tool ensures perfect mixing vortex at moderate circumferential speeds of 5-15 m/s. This means short mixing times of 3-4 minutes with good homogenization and excellent color expression in the mixture.
The dispersion performance required is produced by the tool geometry, with winglets located on the ends, and the temperature rise is limited to about 2-3°C per minute of mixing time.

The option of using different container sizes in one mixing station greatly increases the flexibility of the mixing system, as both small and large batches can be run in the same mixer.

The CM i4 can be used in a wide range of applications, such as powder coatings, masterbatches, and preparing toners, color concentrates, or additives. Because it is so easy to clean, it is especially well suited for mixing processes with lots of recipe changes, making it an important factor in reducing production process costs.

For powder coatings in particular, another alternative for mixing tasks where no temperature increase is desired during the mixing process is the CM MT (Multi Tool) container mixing system, which has been proven in practice with over 500 installed units. Its highly flexible range of tool speed settings also provides direct influence over the dispersion quality and therefore the quality of mixing.

For both the CM i4 and CM MT container mixers, the application and mixing quality requirements will determine which mixing system is the best choice. Customers can get free mixing tests at the Mixaco Technikum facility and decide which mixing system is right for them.

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