ICM Training: A Concept for Ambitious Learning Targets

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For more than three decades, NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology and the application of the ICM Impact Classifier Mill processing powder coating have been a true success story. The customer relationships which have developed during this period have contributed to the ideal alignment of the product to the special requirements of the market. Thus, it was the NEA customers who repeatedly expressed their wish to NEA for specific training classes to improve the efficiency of their existing systems within their company and to improve their maintenance and operator personnel experience and qualifications.

The existing facilities in Übach-Palenberg with seminar rooms and the fully equipped Test Center provided an excellent basis to develop an effective training program with both theoretical and practical lessons.

Shortly after the training date was announced, the seminar was fully booked with eleven participants from five German-speaking companies. These included representatives from well-known producers such as Brillux, CWS, Freilacke, Tiger and Wörwag.

In total, the participants were offered 14 lectures covering a wide variety of topics addressing the grinding system. In addition to the purely procedural contributions about the Impact Classifier Mill and efficient use of the Cyclone Classifier CSF, content relating to servicing and maintenance was also presented in-depth.

The theory developed early in the lessons was implemented practically during two grinding test series. One test series was performed with the configuration set up with a Cyclone Separator and the other with a Cyclone Classifier. In this instance, the participants prepared, implemented and evaluated both experiments according to specified targets.

All participants completed the course successfully and their learning experience was confirmed with a certificate after which they were congratulated by the Seminar Managers Marc Giersemehl, Vice President Operations, and Christian Begass, Sales.

Christian Begass

Christian Begass

Product Specialist Powder Coating


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