NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology by Scholz

Volumetric dosing of additives was the standard in the Powder Coating industry for many years.  However, today’s quality and cost saving demands require a higher accuracy of additive dosing and an improved control of the quantity of additive within the final product.

Back in 2018, NEA established a partnership with SCHOLZ, the German manufacturer of twin-screw gravimetric dosing systems.  Using the technical expertise of SCHOLZ and NEA, a new Gravimetric dosing solution was introduced into the Powder Coating marketplace which is our NEAddiX.  This unit provides accurate dosing of the proper amount of additive as well as providing superior dispersion of the additive within the Powder Coating product.

Gravimetric dosing is certainly the future of the Powder Coatings industry, not only for additives but also for two component feed materials.

We are looking forward to future projects as a gravimetric two component dosing.

Jonas Appeltrath

Jonas Appeltrath

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