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“Every visitor here literally feels NEUMAN & ESSER’s unwavering innovative strength. Unbelievable how many product innovations the company has created within such a short period!“, as Leo D’Anna, IGP Pulvertechnik AG Member of the Board states.

The NEA INNOVATION DAY and POWDER COATING COMPACT events on Sept. 26 and 27, 2018 at the Übach-Palenberg headquarters offered powder coating industry and process technology experts a 360° specialist symposium, which provided answers to a multitude of grinding and classifying technology questions.

As representatives of their family company, the two Managing Partners Stefanie and Alexander Peters welcomed some 400 international visitors from Europe, Asia, North and South America on both days. To kick-off the program, Managing Director Manfred Salgert used the forum to present his guests the rebranding as NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology within an official framework. “Our range of services has almost doubled during the past two years and our references extend to New Zealand, thus justifying this step”, as he explained before welcoming the guest speakers. These included representatives from well-known companies such as Mondo Minerals, KABE Farben, Schaefer Kalk and Jotun.

Outstanding innovations

Both event days were fully packed. Thus, the NEA INNOVATION DAY repertoire ranged from technical process basics and new knowledge in this area via the mode of action of the new classifier generations DC, DCX and GRC to the revolutionization of pulverizing technology using the ICX and PMX mills. Industry 4.0 or Big Data – discussed all over the world, but seldom anchored with a clear picture was knowledgeably filled with targets and contents by sister company NEA X Digital Technology Solutions.

Whilst the first day was aimed at treating various process technology topics as an overview, the second day focused systematically on the powder coating sector. The program included a powder coating-specific exhibition incorporated in a lecture series about innovations and a realized best practice solution in the area of Industry 4.0. The visitors were guided through the inhouse exhibition as a “rotating podium” with 13 “Who is Who” European quality manufacturers presenting their products and companies. Who could have been more appropriate to lead the groups than NOX the robot? The manned, 2.30m tall robot knew how to gain the visitors’ attention in a few seconds

The in-house exhibition

The automated powder filling unit, developed by NEA together with NIVERPLAST – a unique concept which revolutionizes the throughput of the powder produced – attracted no less attention. An ultrasonic screen with grounding surveillance, specifically optimized for powder coating by NEA together with the manufacturer GKM regarding its size, throughput and cleaning, forms the other important part of this filling unit. The overall system “NEA by Niverplast & GKM”, which was developed as a unique solution also for other manufacturers’ existing grinding systems, captivated all exhibition visitors.

The NEA Process Technology and NEA X joint booth also had some surprises in store. The prototype of the latest developed NEA additive dosing unit set the pulses of some users in the sector racing, because it enables saving up to 60% of the required additives according to customer tests. Since the event, the new NEA X platform with the brand name XPLORE has achieved market maturity. It can store, visualize and analyze all controls for a production line and with it all process data, enables the end customer to be provided with a complete picture of the production processes for each order.

“We have waited a long time for such a forum with intense exchange between all market participants!” and “It must be repeated!” was often heard from the visitors. At the end of the event, Manfred Salgert stated: “We have achieved our target to convince customers of our new positioning as an agile solution provider. Our proven core products remain the starting point, but with our innovations ICX and PMX we can increase the depth of our existing products. With our new classifier technology, we not only serve new application areas for our NEA mills, but also achieve higher performance for third-party products such as ball mills or jet mills. As a result, we create modular product systems with distinctive advantages for all users”, he smiled contentedly.

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