The CMQ container mixer is the undeniable technology leader: Its innovative mixing design will dramatically improve the process’s productivity, reliably, day after day. While the user work more efficiently, the mixer’s unique design will deliver outstanding, repeatable mixing results. Whether Compounds, Masterbatches or Powder Coatings, the CMQ will add significant benefit to the mixing processes.

The CMQ container mixer's wing profile mixing tool, in combination with the winglets, ensures very good formation of the mixing vortex, fast material movement and keeps mixing resistance low. This protects the product and reduces the temperature rise to a minimum, e.g. max.  2° C per minute for a powder coating premix. Particularly in the powder coatings sector, the temperature rise has to be kept low. 

Otherwise the material properties of the ingredients will vary and thus highly impact the mixing quality. For a high-quality product, however, it is essential that pigments and resins bind together and do not segregate. Therefore, Zeppelin uses the CMQ container mixer for premixing to ensure high dispersion. This is important because all parts within the batch must be finely dispersed to achieve high color intensities.

Increase productivity: with smooth surfaces and minimized cleaning effort

With its patented wing profile tool in combination with the mixing head in flat plate design, the CMQ container mixer offers two major advantages in the mixing process: First, the wing profile mixing tool  has a very large bottom and wall clearance. Material deposits are eliminated due to a high suction effect on the material. This ensures high lifting forces and thus faster mixing. 

As a result, the desired mixing quality is obtained within three to maximum four minutes. Secondly, Zeppelin Systems has optimized the critical components of the CMQ compared to conventional container mixers. The cleaning process is simplified many times over to save valuable time during cleaning. The entire mixing head, the mixing tool including the mixing container are considered critical. If deposits occur here, this will lead to alterations in subsequent mixing processes, resulting in material loss. Therefore, Zeppelin Systems has designed the CMQ’s mixing head significantly different from conventional mixing heads. The conventional mixing head is usually trough-shaped, the CMQ, however, is designed with a polished, flat plate which makes cleaning significantly easier and faster. The very large clearance between mixing tool and plate, serves for easier accessibility.

The shape and polished surface of the mixing tool of the CMQ container mixer also prevent deposits. In addition, the mixing tool is very light, weighing only 12 kilograms for a 1,000 liter mixer, so the operator can disassemble and replace it very quickly and easily. This reduces the cleaning time by up to 80 percent. This not only increases productivity but also machine availability, saving five-figure sums per year.

The CMQ container mixer, which is operating world-wide with proven success, not only combines efficiency, quality and safety in one product, but also offers users a range of options to adapt to their needs on site - from different mixer sizes to automatic processes and predictive maintenance cycles.

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