XPLORE Powder Coatings launches a new app for OEE optimization

Identical product, same production quantity, same machine, two production orders: Different parameter settings caused 20% performance gap and unplanned downtime 60 minutes of lost production capacity.

XPLORE is our solution for identifying improvement potential in the production process by seamlessly digitalizing the entire production line – from mixing the raw material to packaging the finished goods - in order to gain transparency of machine data and behavior.

Integration of the entire production line

Integration of the entire production line

From the digitization of new machines to the retrofit of old systems with analog displays - as a solution provider NEA offers a user-friendly and handy online platform as well as the appropriate hardware for machine integration.

The machine data (e.g. sensor values, machine parameters or even machine alarms) can be collected from the machine control (PLC) or directly from inbuilt sensors. If required, additional or specific sensors can be connected. The signals and measured values collected via gateway (XPLORE Edge Device) are stored and processed on cloud-based infrastructure. Thus, the live data and historical data are remotely accessible and visualized in the XPLORE Platform. In the web browser-based online platform (SaaS), alarms are managed, analyses are performed, automated reports are generated, and the appropriate product and machine settings are applied.

This provides a single source of information that can be accessed from anywhere, enabling machine monitoring and adjustment as well as continuous optimization in terms of waste control, efficient utilization, throughput improvements, and efficient material handling.

Set, Track & Trace

A dedicated XPLORE mobile app is used to link production orders and machine data. By scanning a QR-Code within the app at each machine, the machine data are linked with the production order. In addition, the machine setpoints appropriate for the job can be set automatically. Subsequently, this synchronization can be used to perform historical batch comparisons and identify inefficiencies:

  • Comparison between production parameters of different batches of one product
  • Identify machine settings that produced the best product quality and achieved the most efficient machine utilization
  • Store and set optimal production parameters as a standard for consistently high quality

NEW APP feature – for operations improvements & management reporting

To facilitate the digital recording, tracking and analysis of downtimes within a production line, each machine is equipped with a tablet.

The new functions in the dedicated XPLORE app enable the operator to document and record user-definable downtimes at each machine. Downtimes or quality differences can thus be easily evaluated by machine and by product or material in order to eliminate these inefficiencies. This extends the KPI reporting to classify Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and operating performance even more precisely.

The XPLORE app for tracking, analyzing and reporting machine behavior and production KPIs

XPLORE Feature Overview:


Access to all machine data with reference to the respective production order. Analyze machine data, availability and throughput and take appropriate actions.


Tracking orders and batches along the entire production process to identify cycle times for improved production scheduling. All related machine data of an order are automatically saved in one place and KPIs are calculated.


Machine performance analysis allows for remote monitoring of potential sources of failure. See the machine availability and other machine status per shift and improve.


With the new APP, the operator can record and classify downtimes. This makes OEE and performance data measurable for each machine, providing an even better basis for implementing fact-based improvements.


Automated machine parameter setting allows identical production conditions for each batch of every product. Individual alarms can be set for each product. Find and store the optimal parameters of a product.


Data exchange to enterprise systems (e.g. ERP or PPS) can be set up and completed via API's to integrate product information or connect business processes.

As member of the NEA GROUP, NEA X has straight access to OEM-know-how. The result from this fusion are digital platforms tailored to process technology - for condition-based asset lifecycle management as well as for operating and monitoring multi-step production processes.

As a one-stop shop for our customers, we integrate modules from Connected Business and Operations into a digital platform solution - aligned with a customized value chain.

What drives us is our passion for machine data, insights and integrated digital processes that support decisions and actions that have a measurable impact on energy and resource efficiency as well as the sustainable operation of equipment and service. Our digital transformation solutions are enablers of sustainability.

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